CrownBox Studios is a private recording studio located in Birmingham, Alabama. Owners Rhonda and J. Clayton Davie, Jr., answer a calling to assist Christian artists spread The Word through their music by making it possible for them to record and produce their music using the same state-of-the-art equipment usually available only to artists with substantial production budgets.

        CrownBox Studios not only can provide the studio, the gear, the instruments, and the engineering services, we can also arrange for local talent and accomplished musicians for the solo artist or those producing a larger project. Although the recording studio is primarily intended to promote faith-based artists, we do accept inquiries and requests from other artists. Being a private studio, we can provide recording and over-dubbing with a level of privacy, discretion, and confidentiality that most other studios are either unable or unwilling to maintain.

        Professional legal advice, as well as marketing and promotional guidance, are also available to assist artists promote their music, and protect themselves and their work. These valuable resources are available to any artist or group that is invited to use the studio. We do not solicit for these services.

        Please take a few minutes and explore this site and discover what God’s Grace has made possible.

                                                                                Clayton, Rhonda, and Landon



CrownBox Studios

Sounds from the hands and tongues of mortals .  .  .

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