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    We always give thanks to God for the blessings He provides, which include those wonderful people that He places in our paths and in our lives - whether they know it or not. While we can’t begin to list all those people, we did want to identify and say thank you to a few of those who - again, whether they know it or not - have made this studio what it is.

  1. -  Sara Louise “Sallye” Davie (1933-2009), to whom this site is dedicated, for, among so many, many other things, her never failing

support of my passion for music and art. Mom, your unselfish sacrifices for others will always be remembered, as will your unmatched graciousness, class, and profound kindness to all. We miss you.   

-   David Barrett, for his acoustical construction, electrical design, and sound application expertise. David has been there since the studio

was just a concept, and builds the most beautiful and effective traps and gobos. He also has a three octave range.

  1. -  Paul Young (author of  the bestseller “The Shack;www.windrumors.com), for his friendship and encouragement, and his daughters Amy

& Lexi Young, and niece Katie Boyle, who entrusted us with that very special project. Rhonda and I love you guys!

  1. -  Joe Breckenridge (www.myspace.com/joebreck), for his technical expertise (including identifying and finding the solution to that one

elusive 60 Hz hum from one of the patchbays), as well as for his great bass, upright bass, guitar, and banjo parts. Without a doubt, Joe is one of the most talented and versatile musicians I know (he can sing, he can play, he can write .  .  . but we haven’t seen him dance yet).

-   Joey Seales (www.joeyseales.com), our “go to” guy for anything and everything piano and keys, and when you need that perfect part. Not only is he an incredible musician, his creative graphic and web design company MoJoe (www.gomojoe.com) does outstanding work.

-   Marcus Mullett, Ripple Effects Productions (www.myspace.com/rippleep), for his incredible creativity and ability to translate the artists’ ideas and concepts to HD video. He can do killer stuff - even when its something as straight-up as live performance video recording. Just check out his space.

  1. -  David Bock of Bock Audio (www.bockaudiodesigns.com), for his Bock and Soundelux microphone designs, and for his personal

attention to our mic needs. We love his mics. David, thanks again for the E49 build! It’s beautiful and a beast.

  1. -  Mark Bartel of Tone King Amplifier Company, Inc. (www.toneking.com), for all his help. Mark, your amps are recorded far more than

any other amp in the studio. The Metropolitan does a better and more dimensional “black-face tone” than the vintage ’66 Deluxe Reverb!

  1. -  David Ellis of Ellis Piano (www.ellispiano.com), for taking care of all our piano and keyboard needs.

  1. -  Bill and Jake Cardwell of C&C Drum Company (www.candccustomdrums.com), for the killer kit and custom snares. Their drums are

works of art.

  1. -  Mutemath (www.mutemath.com), for allowing us to use their music. Clayton lived in New Orleans for most of his adult life and has a

great affinity for its’ local artists.

  1. -  Ryan McGuire at Vintage King Audio (www.vintageking.com), for all his assistance and technical guidance helping us get the gear and

equipment we needed. Ryan gives new meaning to “making it happen now.”

  1. -  Sean Elden at Mercenary Audio (www.mercenary.com) for all his help in gear selection and installation advices.

-   Don Burleson at Sweetwater (www.sweetwater.com), for helping us get us all the other stuff we need.

  1. -  Landon Robertson, who is far more talented in all aspects of the recording process than he will ever admit. Rhonda and I know God

strategically placed Landon in our lives to be an integral part of God’s plan for us.

  1. -  And some of the artists and musicians who have unselfishly contributed their talents to various projects: Matthew Mayfield (vocals, guitar;

www.matthewmayfield.com); Michael John Clement (vocals, guitars, engineer; www.myspace.com/michaeljohnclementband);

Mikey Wilson (guitars; www.myspace.com/thesleepdesign; www.myspace.com/orderoftheatmosphere); Cameron Branham (vocals, guitars); Andy Baker (bass); Joey Seales (pianos, keys, accordion; www.joeyseales.com); Keith Beard (guitar; see him fingerpick for Sullivan Guitars); Kent Peterson (guitars, slide); Steven James (guitar, vocals, engineering; www.stevenjamesmusic; www.myspace.com/stevenjamesstanek); Jon Ross Aldridge (guitars); Joe Breckenridge (bass, upright, guitars, banjo; www.myspace.com/joebreck); Jeremy Poland and No Gift to Bring (www.nogifttobring.com; www.myspace.com/nogifttobring4); Tommy Young (engineer, drums); Chase Krug (vocals, sax, keys; www.purevolume.com/chasekrug); Harry Miree (drums; www.harrymiree.com); Nathan Spicer (guitars); Matt Jackson (guitars, vocals; www.iammattjackson.com); John Mark Dourough (drums); John Ball (bass); Allen Goodwine (bass, upright bass); Todd Simpson (guitars, vocals; www.toddsimpsonandmojochild.com); Maggie Granlund (vocals); Jamie Cole (keys, vocals; www.jamie-cole.com; www.waitfive.com; www.myspace.com/waitfive); Charissa Cole (vocals); Jani Farr (vocals); Phillip Oswald (vocals, guitar); Jimmy Bowling (guitars); Nathan Herum (guitar, vocals); Nate Harbin (guitars, vocals; www.myspace.com/nateharbin); Dave Taylor (guitars); Grant Harbin (vocals, guitar; www.grantharbin.com); Chris Sheppard (guitars, vocals; www.waitfive.com); Jorja Forehand (vocals; www.myspace.com/jorjaforehand); Mark Swindall (guitar, vocals); and Jeremy Samplaski (bass).

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