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        J. Clayton Davie, Jr. is an attorney by profession who has been actively involved in music and the recording process in one form or another for over 35 years. For most of the last 25 years, he lived and practiced law in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he also maintained a private recording studio and played guitar in a Christian Blues band that few seemed ready to embrace at the time. Member: American Federation of Musicians; Recording Musicians Association, Nashville Chapter; National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. (NARAS), Nashville Chapter; Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS); Local 256-733 of the Birmingham Musicians' Protective Association; Alabama State Bar Assn.; and Louisiana State Bar Assn.

j clayton davie jr
j clayton davie jr
rhonda davie

        From the outset, we welcomed the new contemporary Christian music movement and cheered its rising popularity and acceptance across all musical genres and tastes - Rock, Pop, Country, Alternative, Metal, Hip Hop, and World. More importantly, we knew that this new music could more widely spread God’s Word and perhaps help better reach those that preferred or were at least more receptive to an edgier style of music than they might find in the traditional hymns and old-time gospel and revival music.

        We also recognized that there were many very talented faith-based songwriters, artists, and Praise & Worship leaders who were serious about trying to take their music to the next level, but simply couldn’t afford to take their projects into the studio. Even if the struggling artist was able to get enough paying gigs, downloads, or donations to support their family and still scrape a few Benjamins together, there was rarely enough left over to be able to book studio time with an engineer in one of the higher-end studios. For some time now, we have been making our private studio available to those artists.

        To make matters more difficult, the artists are often unable to promote and protect themselves at the same time -  a common problem for both secular and faith-based artists. Agent and promoter agreements may appear straightforward but, in reality, often require the artist to ultimately bear all the risks and costs while the agent or promoter’s fee has no real correlation to their productivity. Contract terms are routinely seen which assign or subordinate the artist’s rights to others, or which cleverly define accounting terms in ways that allow others to unilaterally and even arbitrarily determine whether and to what extent the artist earns anything, including terms that essentially require the artist to subsidize costs and expenses completely unrelated to his or her work.

            Landon Robertson is an Emmy Award winning producer, recording engineer, and musician. He

    has been a recording and mixing engineer for recording studios, churches, and television for over 10

    years. Landon has worked with such artists as Remy Zero, Brandie Carlile, The Gaither Vocal Band,

    Wild Sweet Orange, Vergos Merlot, Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band,

    Whiskey Falls, and Michael John Clement, and has produced and recorded music for Fox News. He

    also provides his services to WorkPlay in Birmingham, Alabama, and producer and musician Jeffrey

    Cain whose work can be heard on such shows as Grey’s Anatomy, Smallville, and Nip/Tuck, and seen

    performed on the Late Show with David Letterman. Landon is also an accomplished studio and live

    drummer who regularly performs and occasionally tours with several music ministry artists.

            Rhonda Davie is a Marketing & Promotion professional who provides

    specialized identity, branding, and promotion services to individuals,

    corporations, and charitable organizations using skills developed working

    behind the scenes in Hollywood and then throughout the Southeast. She has

    a beautiful and powerful voice polished from years of singing, but now

    always seems too busy to grace us with it (except at church). Rhonda and

    Clayton are active at Mountaintop Community Church and with several

    charitable organizations.


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